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Soon after, Europeans also became privy to the idea With a lack of law enforcement to implement these new
of the “American bar,” known for its showy barmen, restrictions, the illegal manufacture and sale of alcohol
lounges, and sophisticated cocktails. “American bar” continued in bootleg and speakeasy operations across
social events, charity fundraisers, and modern lounges the country. Although overall consumption of alcohol
all marketed themselves with this new theme. Perhaps declined, Americans kept drinking, and were forced to
the most influential of these bars was The Savoy in find inventive ways to do so, including the distillation of
London which gained a reputation for its vast selection moonshine. Sadly, by this point, drinking cocktails had
of American cocktails. Head barman Harry Craddock been transformed from a sophisticated social event into
lived and worked in New York, Chicago, and Cleveland merely a preoccupation with finding alcohol to consume.
volume :: winter
before making his way to London during Prohibition.
He brought with him what was rumored to be more With the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, the consumption
than 2,000 cocktail recipes, making The Savoy one of of cocktails eventually made its way back to America.
the most popular European cocktail bars of its time, It has taken nearly 100 years to see the resurgence
ushering in the Golden Age of drinking. His recipes were of intricately handcrafted cocktails and vintage
eventually translated into The Savoy Cocktail Book, pre-Prohibition recipes for cobblers, shrubs, flips, and
published in 1930, which is still in print and a widely toddies in bars and lounges. It is definitely a welcome
used resource to this day. sight to have the cocktail return to its rightful glory as
a cornerstone of American culture.
Back in the United States, this new enthusiasm for
cocktails was met with opposition from temperance As today’s cocktail craft continues to develop—with
societies who viewed alcohol as a destructive force new artisan ingredients, high-tech production methods,
in families, marriages, religion, and the workplace. and equipment appearing almost daily—let us hope
These societies grew in popularity across America, and that during this resurgence we never again overlook the
with the support of organizations like the Anti-Saloon Golden Age. For as long as your neighborhood barman
League, Prohibition eventually came into effect with the or barwoman can expertly mix the right proportions of
ratification and implementation of the 18th Amendment spirits, bitters, sugar, and water, we’re on the right track.
in 1920. Its ban on the production, transport, and sale of
alcohol in the U.S. was, however, ineffective.

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